Public Holidays

There are many official public holidays in Vanuatu, and each Island also has its own special public holiday. Which means if you have staff from a variety of islands they will have additional public holidays throughout the year. It is also not uncommon for the prime minister to announce a close of business day at the beginning of the business day to honour the death of a prominent official. Throughout the year there are many local and international events, tournaments and celebrations. Let’s check VANUATU events…

Calendar of public holidays

and major VANUATU events


  • 1 New Year’s Day, nationwide


  • February 15 John Frum Day (cargo cult) is celebrated on Tanna Island
  • February 21 Lini Day is celebrated to honour the Father of Independence, nationwide


  • March 5 Custom Chiefs’ Day, nationwide
  • March or April Easter Good Friday and Easter Monday, nationwide
  • April – June, Nagol/Pentecost Land Diving, every Saturday, Pentecost Island


  • May 1 Labour Day, nationwide
  • May 5 Ascension Day, nationwide
  • May 23-29 Vanuatu Marlin Classic Competition, Port Vila, Efate
  • June 12 Vanuatu Ocean Swim, Port Vila, Efate
  • June 15 Espiritu Santo Vanuatu Ocean Swim, Santo
  • June 21 Fete de la Musique (in Port Vila and on Santo, Tanna and Malekula islands)
  • June 27 Le Meridien Swim Run, Efate
  • July 14 French National Day, Bastille Day, Efate
  • July 15 Kiwani’s Charity Race Ball, Efate
  • July 16 Kiwani’s Calcutta Night, Efate
  • July 17 Kiwani’s Horse Racing Day, Efate
  • July 23 Miss Vanuatu, Efate
  • July 24 Children’s Day, nationwide
  • July 25 Wilco Round Island Relay, Efate
  • July 30 Independence Day, nationwide
  • July 31- 6 August, Aniwa and Tanna Swim Safari. Aniwa and Tanna Islands
  • July 31 Vanuatu Half Marathon Run, Efate
  • August 3-8 Vanuatu Golf Open, held at Port Vila Golf and Country Club, Efate
  • August 11-18 Vanuatu kite surfing championships, Efate
  • August 15-20 National Sandroing, this sand drawing festival takes place each year at a different location, in the northern tropical islands of Vanuatu
  • August 16 Assumption Day, Nationwide
  • August 17 Tusker Vanuatu Golf Open, Efate
  • August 20-22 Adventure Race Vanuatu, Efate
  • August 25 Tok Tok Vanuatu, Efate
  • August 25-27 Back to my Roots festival, Ambrym Island
  • August 31 La Piste Bleu- Unelco Run, Efate
  • August TBA Le Meridien Fun Swim Run & Sprint, Efate
  • September 5 Vanuatu Game Fishing Dogtooth Competition, Efate
  • September 8 Tanna Trail, Tanna Island
  • September 9 Vanuatu Game Fishing, Efate
  • September 9-13 Lalina Mini Art Festival, Ambrym
  • September 19 Vanuatu Game Fishing, Tusker Tuna Shoot out, Efate
  • September TBA Tusker Triathlon Du Paradis, Efate
  • October 5th Constitution Day, nationwide
  • October 20 Fest Nalenga Stringband Festival, Efate
  • October 21-23 Fest Napuan Music Festival, Efate
  • October 22-26 World’s Greatest Shore Dive Festival, Santo
  • November Melbourne Cup day, Efate
  • November 6-11 Vanuatu Aniwa and Tanna Swim Safari, Aniwa and Tanna Islands
  • November 29 Unity Day, nationwide
  • Christmas carols by candlelight are held each December on the harbour front
  • December 25th Christmas Day, nationwide
  • December 26th Family Day, nationwide