Calendar of Tanna specific public holidays and major events


February 15 John Frum Day (cargo cult) is celebrated on Tanna Island. The men dress up like US soldiers and parade with wooden rifles while the flag is raised and prayers offered to the great Cargo God that lives in the USA.


Yam Festival. The dates vary depending on Tanna Time. This is an excellent time to see authentic custom dancing and feasting as the people of Tanna summon the spirit of the Yam.


June 21 Fete de la Musique (in Port Vila and on Santo, Tanna and Malekula islands)


Horse Racing Day The Race of Champions as the wild horses thunder down the old airport runway. Then comes the foot races! Tafea Agricultural & Trade Show; this is a rodeo and horse display as well as a showing of local produce

July 31- 6 August

Aniwa and Tanna Swim Safari. Aniwa and Tanna Islands


Circumcision Ceremonies – The rite of passage for young men with colourful custom dancing and feasting.

Mini Games This is the competition for all Tanna athletes for the regional games. It is held at the Lenekel soccer Stadium.

August 15-20 National Sandroing, this sand drawing festival takes place each year at a different location, in the northern tropical islands of Vanuatu.


September 8 Tanna Trail, Tanna Island


Cultural Spirit Arts and Carving Exhibition Local artists show their handicrafts in Lenakel.

Toka or Nekowiar Ceremony This is one of Vanuatu’s most famous and enthusiastic festivals. Three days of feasting and dancing while the whole community debates and arranges marriages.


November 6-11 Vanuatu Aniwa and Tanna Swim Safari, Aniwa and Tanna Islands