Boating, Sailing and Kayaking

Local tour companies offer half day, full day, over night, night and sunset sailing charters, boat cruises and deep sea fishing charters around the harbour and the nearby islands. Join an ocean kayak tour and paddle to a small coral island and discover the beauty of the coral gardens. You can also review marine life from above in a glass bottom boat, and may even see a dugong!

Malo River Tour

vanuatu sailing

Vanuatu kayaking

Jet Ski Boat

For a heart-stopping ride of your life experience high-speed jet boating at its best on the harbour. Guaranteed to get your adrenalin pumping.

Jetboat Vanuatu

Surfing, Life Saving

Stand up Paddle Boarding



Stand up paddle at Vanuatu

You’ll hear “there’s no surf in Vanuatu” but there are some 4ft – 6ft waves to be found off Pango, Erator and Eratap which are suburbs close to the city of Port Vila. Just recently a surf school has begun operation at Pango and is proving popular for expat women and their children and local Ni Vanuatu children. Stand up paddle boarding is new to Vanuatu and with its calm clear waters it is gaining in popularity. Local expats have recently received some donations of surf life saving equipment and have begun their own version of “nippers”, proving a favourite with parents and children alike.

Ocean Swimming

The Port Vila Masterbathers, are a faithful group of Vila Residents who gather in the harbour each day at lunch time to swim for fitness, pleasure and training. Some are preparing for “The Vanuatu Ocean Swimming competition” held in Port Vila each year and others enjoy the social aspect.

Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is relatively new to Efate and increasing in popularity with locals and visitors alike. In 2007, The Imere International Kite Surfing Challenge was held on the peninsular near Hideaway Island. It was a great success with riders from Vanuatu, Australia, New Caledonia, France and New Zealand participating.


Fun, safe, and easy for all ages you will parasail 65 meters from behind the boat while enjoying the beautiful Port Vila harbor marine life and breathtaking views. No experience is necessary, your flight will last 8 to 10 minutes and you will stay high and remain dry.


Trek through lush rainforests and abseil safely down the cascading waterfall and cool off in the crystal clear blue water.

The Port Vila Golf and Country Club is presently the only 18 hole championship course in Vanuatu and the course provides a challenge to professionals and Amateurs alike. The country club hosts the premier international golfing event “The Tusker Vanuatu Golf Open” held each year that is sponsored by Tusker, Vanuatu’s own world-class beer. Nine Hole golf courses can be found at the Le Meridien and Le Lagon hotels and resorts.

Golf Vanuatu


Formerly the Botanical Gardens, these gardens are now managed by local Ni Vanuatu.

Discover Vanuatu’s early history, art work, wildlife, fauna and custom stories. Be aware that some of Vanuatu’s early history of blackbirding and cannibalism and custom stories are not suitable for all visitors.

Botanical Gardens

The Secret Gardens Cultural Centre and Native Reserve

Take an easy 20 minute drive from Port Vila to Blue Water Resort and view man made rock pools containing sharks, turtles and marine life.

Blue Water Shark, Turtle Feeding

Blue Water Shark, Turtle Feeding

Cultural Village Tours

A fantastic experience with a cultural village that is a ‘hands on’ experience. Enjoy custom dance, story telling, music and a traditional Melanesian Feast. Local hotels and resorts also offer cultural evenings and Melanesian Feasts including kava tasting. The Vanuatu Cultural Centre and Museum features a collection of historical artifacts from the island of Vanuatu.






Hot Mineral Springs

Hot mineral springs are renowned in the South Pacific for their relaxing and therapeutic properties. Hidden away in the North East of Efate you will find a local Ni Vanuatu family slowly building a natural thermal pool. Don’t be put off by the “rotten egg” smell of the sulphur, your skin and muscles will thank you for the experience. Wear old bathers as the sulphur is hard on clothing.

Horse Riding


There are two excellent horse-riding ranches in Vanuatu – l’ Hippocampas (Sea Horse Ranch) and Club Hippique Adventure Park (CHAP), both about 15 minutes from Port Vila town. Half day and full day rides with guide available and include romantic sunset rides, rainforest treks and beach rides.


Discover Vanuatu from a higher perspective and take a helicopter or seaplane tour around Port Vila or land on deserted beaches for a romantic and private experience.

Seaplane, Helicopter Tours

Buggy Tours, Scooter and Motorbike Hire

Discover Efate on and off road on open buggies and quad bikes that are very easy to operate. Be your own tour guide, rent a car, scooter or motor bike and explore Efate at your leisure.


Travel fifteen minutes out of town and 3 minutes by Ferry and you will find yourself enjoying the beauty of Hideaway Island. Snorkel amongst amazing fish and marine life, including large clown fish colonies, dive off the reef, swim or sunbath or enjoy a great lunch. Make sure you post a postcard in the underwater post box.

Hideaway Island

Eco Tours

Kayaking, biking, hiking, swimming. If you are looking for a fun way to see the real Vanuatu, off the beaten tracks, then an Eco tour is for you. Discover the hidden beauty of the fabulous flora and fauna in its natural environment, learn about the history of the land and meet the locals and experience a day in their life.


The Islands of Vanuatu are surrounded by colourful coral reefs, deserted beaches and crystal blue waters, sparkling with a clarity that you can only dream of. Wherever you visit in Vanuatu, you will find no two beaches are the same. Each location offers something different. Quiet lagoons where dugongs wallow, black volcanic sands, white sandy beaches, blue holes for snorkelling, waves for surfing, deep water for diving amongst ship wrecks and impressive deep sea boating and fishing.

Vanuatu affects visitors in many ways, and everyone who visits this Island paradise, located so close to Australia, is touched differently by the experience, which is why so many return again and again.

The islands and people of Vanuatu have a charm that you simply won’t find elsewhere. With each visit, you will uncover and discover another amazing aspect of these relatively untouched islands. Each time creating different memories and experiences.

Whether you are looking for an escape from reality, family friendly resorts, children friendly activities, extreme adventures or honeymoon escapes for the newlywed or always wed, this island paradise has something for everyone. All within a few short hours air travel from the east coast of Australia.

Vanuatu is culturally rich, interesting, safe, friendly, affordable and must be experienced to be believed. Vanuatu simply is “The happiest place on earth”.

Vanuatu beach


Introduction to the Region

The islands of Vanuatu (previously known as New Hebrides) are volcanic in origin (active volcanoes can be found on Tanna, Ambrym, Ambae, Lopevi and Gaua), with lush tropical rainforests and mountain ranges, fresh water rivers, streams and waterfalls. This island paradise is surrounded by the sparkling clear waters of the South Pacific Ocean and protected by expanses of coral reefs that offer a snorkelling and diving experience not to be missed.

Where is Vanuatu?

This beautiful archipelago is located east of Australia, north-east of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south of the Solomon Islands.

Vanuatu is only 2.5 hours flying time north-east of Brisbane and 3.5 hours from Sydney, Australia. It’s a little over 2 hours from Auckland, New Zealand and less than an hour from Fiji.

Which International airlines fly to Vanuatu?

Air Pacific, Air Vanuatu, Aircalin, Pacific Blue, Qantas Airways, Air New Zealand.

Travelling to Vanuatu

Citizens of most countries do not require a visa to visit Vanuatu. Visitors may stay up to 30 days with possible extensions of up to 4 months. Visitors must have onward tickets and current passports. Visitors must not engage in any form of employment or business activities without a relevant visa.


Urban tap water in Port Vila is perfectly safe to drink. It does, however, have a high calcium content so those little white specks floating in your tea doesn’t mean the milk is ‘off’. It is advisable however, in the outer islands to boil your water or to drink bottled water. When travelling to the outer islands where supplies are scarce it is advisable to take along your own bottled water.

Vanuatu the tourist’s idealic destination

Efate Island; Is the third biggest island in Vanuatu with an approximate population of 50,000 multinational and Ni Vanuatu residents. Its capital city, Port Vila is the business and tourism Mecca of Vanuatu and hosts Vanuatu’s biggest port, Havannah where luxury cruise ships pull in week after week with tourists from the world over.

Cruise Ships

Want your holiday to begin from when you leave home? Grab a berth on a cruise ship bound for Vanuatu. Cruise ships offer a hassle free, relatively inexpensive, completely organised, fully inclusive holiday with a difference, where you can experience Vanuatu from sea and visit a few of it’s idealic untouched tropical islands. Each year over 50 cruise ships visit Port Vila, with departures from Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland.

Geography of Vanuatu

Efate is complete with lush tropical rainforests and mountain ranges, fresh water rivers, streams and waterfalls. This island paradise is surrounded by the sparkling clear waters of the South Pacific Ocean and protected by expanses of coral reefs that offer a snorkelling and diving experience not to be missed. As Vanuatu lies squarely on the top of the Pacific Ring of Fire, earthquake tremors can occur but are so small they go unnoticed. Every couple of weeks you get a little one that some people notice. In Bislama it’s called a ‘kraon i shekshek (ground he shake-shake). Once you have been there long enough you will “feel” one coming seconds before the earth begins to move. If the locals are not worried, you needn’t be.

Vanuatu Hiking Trails

Walking is the best way to get close to the sights, sounds and smells of the beaches, plantations, native villages rivers and jungle first hand. An experienced tour guide can help you trek safely through dense rainforests and discover caves, waterfalls, local villages, rivers and streams. Or grab a backpack, good walking shoes, hat and water and set off on your own adventure, you will be safe and find yourself welcomed by local villagers.

Charity work and Volunteer Programs

There are many international aid projects and volunteer programs operating in Vanuatu. Volunteers have the opportunity to work side by side with local Ni Vanuatu to work on projects that involve; education, construction, community development, youth development, and to improve health and hygiene levels.