Where is Vanuatu?

The Republic of Vanuatu (previously known as New Hebrides) is an island nation located in the romantic South Pacific.

This beautiful archipelago is located east of Australia, north-east of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south of the Solomon Islands.

Vanuatu is a Y shaped chain of islands that consists of about 83 islands with a total land area of 12,336 square kilometers.

The four largest islands are Espiritu Santo (3677sq km), Malekula (2023 sq km), Erromango (975sq km) and Efate (915 sq km). Efate is the main island of Vanuatu, where the capital Port Vila is situated and is the country’s main tourism and business destination.


Fast Facts about Vanuatu

  • Capital city (and island): Port Vila, Efate
  • Population: 206,000 approx (Census 2010)
  • Land area: 12,300 sq km
  • International telephone code: 678
  • Currency: Vatu (Vuv or Vt)
  • Languages: Bislama, English, French, Chinese and over 100 local languages
  • Greeting: Alo (Bislama)
  • Time Zone: +11 GMT
  • Power points are standard Australian/New Zealand type of 3-pin plugs, for 220-280 volts power/electricity supply.
  • Climate: Warm and tropical. Temperature range from 23C- 32C.


How to get to Vanuatu

Various airlines offer regular flights to Vanuatu, from New Zealand, Honiara, Australia, Noumea and Fiji.

Vanuatu is only 2.5 hours flying time north-east of Brisbane and 3.5 hours from Sydney, Australia. It’s a little over 2 hours from Auckland, New Zealand and less than an hour from Fiji.

The following airlines have regular scheduled flights to Vanuatu:

      • Air Pacific
      • Air Vanuatu
      • Aircalin
      • Pacific Blue

Qantas Airways acts as the sales agent for Air Vanuatu in all areas outside Australia, NZ, Fiji and New Caledonia.

Both Air Vanuatu and Pacific Blue operate direct flights from Brisbane and Sydney to Port Vila. Air Vanuatu also flies direct to Melbourne.

Air Vanuatu and Air New Zealand have direct flights from Auckland to Vila, and flights via Nadi (Fiji), Honiara (Solomon Islands) and Noumea (New Caledonia).


Flying distances to Port Vila, Vanuatu

  • Distance from Brisbane, Australia to Port Vila is 1904 km
  • Distance from London, UK to Port Vila is 16122 km
  • Distance from New York, USA to Port Vila is 13605 km
  • Distance from Fiji to Port Vila is 800 km
  • Distance from New Caledonia to Port Vila is 230 km
  • Distance from Auckland, New Zealand to Port Vila is 2218 km


Vanuatu Airports

Vanuatu has two international airports, Bauerfield, 6km from the capital, Efate Island and Pekoa 6km from Luganville on the island of Espiritu Santo. International departure tax in Vanuatu is 3,000vt per person (over the age of 12) and is included in airfares.

Domestic airports are Bauerfield Airport – Port Vila, Siwo Airport – Emae, Pele Airport – Tongoa, Valesdir Airport – Epi, Laman Bay Airport – Epi, Pekoa Airport – Espiritu Santo.  A departure tax of 200vt per person is paid separately at the airport as it is not included in passenger tickets.

vanuatu map