Most resorts in Port Vila have internet access available and there are a variety of Internet Cafes in town. Port Vila hosts international and local banks including National Bank Vanuatu, ANZ, Westpac and Bred Bank with ATM located in town and at major supermarkets. Most stores accept credit card and offer eftpos services. The Port Vila Post Office can be found in the centre of town and offers internet facilities.

Vanuatu Telephone

and Internet Services

Call rates, internet rates and phone line rentals are high in Vanuatu, yet this does not stop “Everyone” from owning a mobile phone. Fast becoming a “must have” mobile phone usage has escalated over the past few years. Local and international call rates are high and mobile rates higher. You can have accounts or pre paid mobile accounts and you will find “top up” stalls on the side of the road everywhere in Port Vila. Skype is popular and although the connection is sometimes patchy this is cost effective alternative. It is not uncommon to encounter telephone or internet disruptions. Once again patience is required you are in the Pacific Islands where life is slow and easy.

$ Money $

Vatu (Vt or VUV) is the local currency and Foreign currency exchange in Port Vila is available at local banks, at the airport (low rates), many resorts and money exchangers. It is a good idea on cruise ship day to avoid exchanging any currency as the rates are usually poorer. Some shops accept Australian dollars and travellers cheques. Credit card use incurs a fee anywhere from 3 – 6.5%.

Vanuatu paper money

Doing business in Vanuatu

Visitors may not engage in any form of employment or business activities without a relevant visa. People wishing to reside or invest business in Vanuatu should first visit Vanuatu as a visitor and talk to the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority. This is the one – stop official source of information for anyone wishing to reside in Vanuatu – either for investment or retirement.

Why Invest BUSINESS in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a declared tax haven. There is no income tax, no withholding tax, no capital gains tax, no death duties and no exchange controls. Money is easily transferred in all major currencies. There are many accountancy firms in Port Vila that can assist you with your investment enquiries.