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There is no public transport system in Vanuatu. Mini buses are privately owned and are identified by the letter “B” fixed to their number plates. These buses are everywhere, and with few bus stops in Vila, they are simply flagged down on the side of the road. Taking a local bus is an experience itself (around $1.20 AUD for an around town trip) and you may find yourself getting a rather cheap round island tour as there is no set bus route.

Taxis also operate and although they do not have a meter their costs for local town travel are not much more than a bus. Motor vehicles in Vanuatu are renowned for their poor quality, condition and fume expulsion. Recently the Government have been enforcing stricter penalties often involving high fines or confiscation of vehicle to address this problem. Port Vila also hosts an array of car rental properties where you can hire scooters, motor bikes, cars, vans, tray backs and buses. Please note the roads around Efate are full of pot holes and need to be negotiated carefully.