Things to do on Pentecost Island

Pentecost is a small island, pristine and untouched and its beauty lies within its virgin rainforests, cascading waterfalls and clear blue streams and ocean waters. There is very little in the way of entertainment and most people visit for day trips or quick overnighters. Most tourists take in the Land Diving festival, a village tour, jungle walk and visit the gorgeous waterfalls and swimming holes.

Land Diving is not all that is on offer in Pentecost. There is the spectacular Waterfall Falls that cascade down the mountain and through the clear blue swimming pools out to the ocean. Melsisi is a local village on a hillside that overlooks a long coral beach, and here you will find an amazing Catholic Church Cathedral and mission that offer accommodation. Cultural village tours are available and Pentecost offers some of the most pristine rainforests in Vanuatu. There are lovely beaches with fantastic coastal views, with great snorkelling and a chance to swim with dolphins.

land diving

Explore underground caves, then climb up to the waterfall and watch as it cascades down the mountain, cool off in fresh, cool pools at the bottom. You can also visit (and taste only if you are male, as women are still not allowed to drink kava in Pentecost) Kava and coca and coconut plantations. Sand drawing is another interesting custom of the island. Symbolic figures are drawn in the sand in one complete movement, without lifting a finger, to depict ancient legends and customs.

For the more adventurous you can try mountain climbing. Mt Vetmar, at 887m above sea level, is Pentecost’s second highest mountain. It takes only half a day to climb and come back down. On top you’ll witness some fine views over south Pentecost and there are some unusual plants and birds to see in the rainforest.

Island Kastom tour. All the inland villages, (Bunlap, Ratap, and Lonlibili) are pretty traditional in terms of dress, (the men wear nambas the colourful penis sheafs and women grass skirts), spiritual beliefs, and customs such as village ceremonies and dance. The laws are imposed by a chief and everyone must obey them.

And after all your jungle trekking and mountain climbing you can relax that weary body at the natural hot springs at Hotwota.

Whilst Pentecost is a family friendly place to visit, there are not scheduled activities for children to enjoy. The land diving tour may be a little hard to take for some children or indeed, lead to replication in the more adventurous ones!

For a truly unique, tropical island, rough adventure holiday, a trip to Pentecost is well worth taking.