Playgrounds, there are only a few children’s playgrounds in Port Vila, the most popular one is old but safe right, on the foreshore. Sports fields Rugby union, league and soccer are favourite pastimes amongst Ni Vanuatu and expats alike. Korman stadium has been closed down due to its dilapidated condition, but the fields are still in operation. Local schools also use these facilities for their sports carnivals and fetes.

Picnic spots and public BBQ’s, there are no council parks or picnic areas in Port Vila, you simply pack a picnic, portable BBQ, grab a blanket and set off to find your own private piece of paradise. There are some beaches that charge an entrance fee. Honeymoon Bay is a beautiful bay with beach huts and “Bush toilet” the entrance fee of 500vt (approx $7) is worth it, with its sparkling blue water, deep blue hole with amazing marine life including a rather large eel. Dugongs and turtles are often sighted in this bay and are quite friendly.

Vanuatu general store

General stores

General Stores are plentiful in Port Vila. Selling everything from fruit, toiletries, bread, household products and gas bottle refills. There are also local stands on the side of the road selling fresh produce and seafood.

Vanuatu hospital


With limited and outdated facilities the Port Vila Hospital isn’t a place you would visit by choice, but in the case of an emergency, skilled local and international doctors will treat you. There are anaesthetists, paediatricians and general surgeons. Insurance is still highly recommended, especially if a Medivac is necessary. There are good Medical Centres in Vila.

There is also an excellent mobile paramedic service (ProMedical).

There is a private hospital in Port Vila that offers quality care.

Public Toilets in Port Vila are scarce and not well serviced. Purchase a beverage at a local cafe or restaurant and use their facilities. These at least will be clean.

Swimming pools While there are no public swimming pools in Port Vila, most resorts provide swimming pool facilities. Most resorts are happy to allow you full use of their facilities even if you are not staying there, provided you purchase food or beverage from their restaurants or bars.

Kids clubs are available at the major resorts.

vanuatu health

Vanuatu Health

No vaccinations are required. Vanuatu is situated in the malarial belt so anti – malarial medication is recommended especially if you intend to visit the outer islands. Check with your doctor one month prior to departure. There are private and public hospitals in Port Vila and medical centres. In the unlikely event that you require extensive medical care, ProMEdical can arrange medical evacuations. There are no dangerous animals or insects on land in Vanuatu, however contact with some marine life such as stone fish, blue bottles, and sea urchins will be painful but easily treated.