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Resorts and stand alone Restaurants in Port Vila offer a wide selection of foods, including Sushi, Chinese, Korean, Italian, French, Melanesian, Polynesian, Ni Vanuatu and standard Western fare. There are waterfront deli’s, bars, cafes, bakeries, patisseries, restaurants and bars offering a varying standard of meals, service, prices and local and international food. Generally prices are high in Vanuatu, yet the quality and quantity is plentiful.

Local seafood and organic beef is a customer favourite and for those who want to experience the real taste of Vanuatu, the local markets sell lap lap, tulak and nems. The taste will not appeal to everyone!

For those wishing to self cater the local markets offer an array of cheap and fresh, pesticide and fertiliser free, seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs and seafood (including coconut crab but please do not purchase them as they are on the endangered list and do not taste as good as they sound). Local bakeries offer fresh and inexpensive, (often preservative free) bread, pastry and cakes. The supermarkets have an extensive range of international food available at high prices.

Beverages: In Port Vila, Alcohol can be purchased from local supermarkets, some corner stores and liquor outlets. Prices for imported, beer wine and champagne are expensive. Tusker the local beer is cheap and enjoyable. It is illegal to purchase alcohol in Vila from midday Saturday to Monday morning, although bars and restaurants are allowed full service all weekend.