Pentecost Island is a lush, mountainous island which stretches North to South over some 60 kilometres It has an area of 490 km² and a population of 12,000 as of 1999. The north Pentecost village of Laone was the home of Walter Lini, who led Vanuatu to independence in 1980. Today, the ‘father of the nation’ is commemorated by a statue at the nearby Lini Memorial College.

Pentecost Island

Visiting Pentecost Island

Pentecost Island is for the adventurous traveller. Don’t come if you expect 5-star luxury, infrastructure and tourist facilities are basic. However, if you are prepared to rough it a little, you will be rewarded with a real island feeling which comes from genuine cultural experiences with friendly and welcoming local people.

Getting to Pentecost Island

Pentecost island domestic airport is Lonorore and is approximately 190 km from Port Vila. With less than 60 minutes flight time from Port Vila, Air Vanuatu offer return flights from Port Vila a few times a week.

Pentecost Island Transportation

Your resort can arrange transport for you, as there is no public transport available in Pentecost. 4wd are available for hire and can be arranged with your accommodation.

Pentecost Island Accommodation

There is very little in the way of accommodation Pentecost and what is available are village style bungalows made from traditional local materials with thatched roofs, coral walls and sandy floors. Facilities are very basic; however they are equipped with hot showers and flush toilets.

Typically these have a small restaurant operated by the owners with local foods. Visitors should consider bringing their own water and have extra tea, coffee, sugar that can be left behind as a small gift. Guest houses in Southern Pentecost are very busy during the land diving season from April to June. All services on the island are payable by cash in Vatu, so ensure you bring enough cash with you.

Pentecost Island Accommodation