Espiritu Santo Accommodation

Espiritu Santo Accommodation ranges from quality resorts to village style bungalows, while accommodation in rural Santo is mostly village style bungalows. Santo hotels and resorts are clustered around the district centre of Luganville except for Lunnoc Beach Bungalows and Vatthe Lodge on the north eastern coast of Santo and offer an array of services and facilities to suit every budget.

There is only one midrange hotel in Santo, Hotel Santo with 30 rooms, is located right in the CBD. Camping is also available in some areas.

Santo Resorts are small and intimate but include a full array of holiday resort facilities and activities. They each have their own special flavour and facilities. Many are air conditioned or have fans and their own shower and bathroom facilities, some offer self contained facilities.

Three of the resorts are on islands separated from the main island of Santo; these three resorts are only accessible by a few minute’s run aboard one of their own boats.

Bokissa Private Island Resort is on it’s own private island and no one lives there except management and staff. Bokissa has a virgin rainforest, a white sand beach, clear sea water, good landing area, and a thriving, healthy, live coral reef.

Aore Island Resort is on a large island separated from Luganville by Segund Canal and has its own in-house dive school. Surrounded by lush rainforests and coconut plantations, this resort has family friendly and adult only accommodation available.

Oyster Island Resort is on a very small island on the east coast of Santo, and the island only takes half a day to leisurely walk around. There are stunning beaches, some very romantic and hidden. All of them have stunning views of other islands or the mainland.

Beachfront Resort is on the main island of Santo very close to the Luganville CBD. Beachfront Resort offers absolute beachfront, excellent mid range accommodation overlooking the sheltered waters of Segond Channel and Aore Island.

Espiritu Santo Accommodation


Espiritu Santo bungalow


Santo Budget Accommodation

  • Luganville has 6 budget motel-style places to stay
  • Santo Adventure Lodges
  • Santo adventure Lodges are traditional style village bungalows. These are clean but offer basic facilities.
  • Camping is available at Champagne beach and Loru Camping, Loru Protected Area, Santo. Bring your own tent.