Tanna Island Facilities - Official Vanuatu Region Guide

Picnic spots and public BBQ's, there are no council parks or picnic areas in Tanna, you simply pack a picnic, portable BBQ, grab a blanket and set off to find your own private piece of paradise. The General store located in Lenakel are basic but are well stocked. Selling everything from fruit, toiletries, bread, household products and gas bottle refills. It is a good idea to check used by dates. Resorts stock very small supplies of toiletries, sunblock and first aid supplies.

Lenakel public hospital is a small 40 bed facility that serves over 20000 people from the 6 surrounding islands, with a female ward, a male ward, a labour/delivery ward, a pediatric ward, and TB ward. There are also a few small one room "Bush clinics" scattered throughout the villages. Public Toilets are not provided in Tanna.

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