Espiritu Santo Transportation - Official Vanuatu Region Guide

While the transportation in Luganville has improved immensely over time, it is still not plentiful. There are considerable numbers of buses, taxis and cabs which are providing services in the town that come into town in the morning and return in the afternoon. Don't expect to find public transport on Sundays although one could wait and hitch a ride.

There are two places to find public transport in Santo. If you're heading up the east coast then go to the Unity Store and Pacific Petroleum station (formerly "Unity Shell"). Buses and market trucks leave from 1500H. There are always people waiting here and the pump attendants know all the drivers. Minibuses are preferable for comfort and in case of rain.

For south Santo, you can wait on the roadside across from the Luganville market house, in front of the clump of bamboo. It doesn't look like a bus stop but you can find people waiting here from about 1400h. If there are some women from South Santo in the market house, they will know which trucks are in town.

If you are prepared to tackle the pot holed roads then there are also car hire places available in Luganville or this can be arranged through your accommodation. A 4wd is the preferred transport.

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