Espiritu Santo Shopping - Official Vanuatu Region Guide

The main street that runs through Luganville contains most of the commercial businesses and restaurants. The main street contains the port at one end, and the markets and municipal council building at the other end. In the centre there are two main types of stores; tourist boutiques, and all-in-one stores, best described as a cross between a supermarket and a hardware store, stocking cheap imported goods from China. Luganville has a market place in town which is quite popular with cheap local foods and drinks and local craft market stalls. If you are looking for groceries there is supermarket in town that stocks western goods, however it is advised that you bring any special toiletry or dietary products with you.

Luganville has a police station which is located in the centre of the town. There are a small number of legal firms in town. It has banks available namely ANZ and Westpac Bank. There is liquor and beer store in town, but expect to shell out a few thousand extra Vatu for the bottles that you might recognise. Vanuatu is a tax free island, so you will pay a premium for imported goods. It is advisable to drink bottled water whilst in Santo and a good idea to bring your own as stocks can be limited.

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