Espiritu Santo Facilities - Official Vanuatu Region Guide

Picnic spots and public BBQ's, there are no council parks or picnic areas in Santo, you simply pack a picnic, portable BBQ, grab a blanket and set off to find your own private piece of paradise.

The supermarket located in Luganville is basic but well stocked with everything from hardware to cheap imported Chinese goods and western fare. It is a good idea to check used by dates. Resorts stock very small supplies of toiletries, sun block and first aid supplies.

Medical Services, Luganville has the second largest hospital in Vanuatu called Northern District Hospital. The hospital provides services to residents in Luganville and people in rural parts of Santo and has it's own hyperbaric chamber. Additionally the hospital is also serving people in other northern islands of Vanuatu such as Banks etc. It often relies on aid from overseas countries notably Australia and New Zealand. Other medical aid posts are found throughout the island, although there may be no facilities in remote rural areas.

Public Toilets are not found in Santo. Bring your own toilet paper and head for the bush toilet.

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