Espiritu Santo Events - Official Vanuatu Region Guide

Calendar of Santo Specific Public Holidays and Major Events

  • June 16th -22nd, Vanuatu Swim Safari, Espiritu Santo ocean swim.
  • June 21st, Fete de la Musique (in Port Vila and on Santo, Tanna and Malekula Islands)
  • August 24th-27th Tok Tok, Trade Show. Vanuatu will host its own version of a trade show for overseas buyers who want to sell and promote Vanuatu to their clients.
  • October 22nd -26th, Worlds Greatest Shore Dive Festival.
  • November 25th-30th, The Annual St Andrews Day Cultural Festival, experience unique and authentic cultural activities, where whole villagers come together to fish, young and old. They trap fish in large nets made from coconut leaves bound tightly together, and wait for the tide to go out, when the fish start running out of water they catch them, using bows, arrows, small nets and lines, they then return to their village for a major cook up.
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